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International Symposium Program

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The Lumbar Spine Barcelona 2014 is going on

The Worls Institute of Pain’s International Symposium in Barcelona has begun today

From today 6th till tomorrow 7th of october participants will know about advances in minimally invasive surgery and  interventional approaches



Welcome message

“Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I take great pleasure in informing you about the forthcoming 3rd International Symposium of the Iberian Section of World Institute of Pain, to be held in Barcelona, Spain, next November 6-7, 2014.

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is one of the oldest and liveliest cities in the Mediterranean coast, and it provides an attractive setting for scientific events due to its unique blend of historical tradition and modern facilities.

The scientific program will present a comprehensive and thorough update of the latest major developments in the surgery and interventional treatment of the lumbar spine, bringing together some of the most prestigious experts in this field, through plenary lectures and workshops.

This will be the third symposium organized by the Iberian Section of World Institute of Pain, which is one of the largest sections in terms of number of Fellows in Interventional pain Practice, with 32 members.

The Symposium has been planned to run during Thursday 6th and Friday 7h of November, 2014, so that you will also have an extraordinary opportunity to experience and enjoy this unique European city.

On behalf of the World Institute of Pain and its Iberian Section, let me invite you to participate in this scientific event”.

Ricardo Ruiz-López, MD, FIPP
Past President and Founder of WIP
Chairman of the 3rd Symposium of the Iberian Section of WIP. – See more at: http://www.wipiberica2014.org/welcome.html#sthash.yJXvYvMQ.dpuf


Scientific programme

Thursday, 6 November
09:00 – 10:30 On site registration
09:00 – 10:30 Exhibition
10:30 Opening – Welcome


10:35 MASTERCLASS 1 New insights in the natural course of low back pain, and treatment options for the future.
Maarten van Kleef (Maastricht, The Netherlands)
10:55 Essentials on Imaging for Lumbar Spine. 
Jordi Serra (Barcelona, Spain)
11:10 SPECT-CT as a Diagnostic Tool for Spinal Conditions.
Isabel Roca Bielsa (Barcelona, Spain).
11:20 Functional Magnetic Resonance in the Assessment of Lumbar Pain. 
Elena Català (Barcelona, Spain)
11:35 The Lumbar Spine and Inflammatory Conditions. 
Carmen Pichot (Barcelona, Spain)
11:45 Should we treat Low Back Pain with Antibiotics? 
Maite Bovaira (Valencia, Spain)
11:55 MASTERCLASS 2 Update on Opioid Therapy for Spinal Chronic Pain
Christian Dürsteler (Barcelona, Spain)
12:25 MASTERCLASS 3 Relevant Neuroanatomy of the Lumbar Motion Segment. 
Wolfgang Rauschning (Uppsala, Sweden).
13:00 Lunch & Exhibition  


14:10 MASTERCLASS 4 The Lumbar Spine and Pain Surgery – A Paradigm Shift. 
Ricardo Ruiz-López (Barcelona, Spain)
14:30 MASTERCLASS 5  Advances in Pathophysiology and Treatment of Disc Degeneration: Intradiscal Therapy with Mesenchimal Stem Cells. 
Lluis Orozco (Barcelona, Spain)
15:10 MASTERCLASS 6 Experimental Findings and Neurotoxicity of O2/O3. 
Fu Zhijian (Jinan, Shandong, China)
15:30 Efficacy of Oxygen-Ozone Injection for Herniated Lumbar Disc.
Fu Zhijian (Jinan, Shandong, China)
15:45 Updated evidence in Intradiscal Therapies for Degenerative Disc Disease. 
Javier de Andrés (Toledo, Spain)
15:55 Pulsed Radiofrequency for Degenerative Disc Disruption.
Alexandre Teixeira (Porto, Portugal)
16:15 MASTERCLASS 7 Epiduroscopy / Neuroscopy: New Techniques. 
Robert van Seventer (Zierikzee, The Netherlands)
16:40 MASTERCLASS 8  Results of Endoscopic Lumbar Adhesiolysis combined with Epidural RF in Postdiscectomy Fibrosis.
Paulo Pereira (Porto, Portugal)
17:00 End of First Day
20:00 Faculty dinner
Optional for registered attendees and their own cost)
Friday, 7 November


08:00 MASTERCLASS 9 Micro anatomy for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.
Wolfgang Rauschning (Uppsala, Sweden)
08:30 Indications and Clinical Results of Intraforaminal Lumbar Endoscopic Surgery.
Kyung-Hoon Kim (Busan, South Korea)
08:45 Complications After Lumbar Spinal Endoscopy. 
Kyung-Hoon Kim (Busan, South Korea)
09:00 MASTERCLASS 10 Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy: Pitfalls and Tips.
Michael D. Schubert (Starnberg, Germany)
09:30 Transforaminal vs. Interlaminar Endoscopic Surgery. 
Michael D. Schubert (Starnberg, Germany)
09:40 MASTERCLASS 11 The Learning Curve in Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy: Review of my first 44 cases.
Nizar Natout (Beirut, Lebanon)
10:10 Coffee Break & Exhibition


10:40 Segmental Instability: Structural Treatment Approaches
Wolfgang Rauschning (Uppsala, Sweden)
10:50 Caudal Epidural Approach: Update on Adhesiolysis and Pulsed Radiofrequency. 
Joaquín Insausti (Madrid, Spain)
 11:00 MASTERCLASS 12 Lumbar Epidural Adhesiolysis: the Evidence. 
Gabor Racz (Lubbock, USA)
11:30 Vertebral Augmentation: Modalities. Update.
Manuel Cifrián (Valencia, Spain)
11:45 Vertebroplasty and vertebral augmentation: Indications. 
Manuel Cifrián (Valencia, Spain)
12:00 Interventional Techniques in Different Stages of Lumbar Facet Arthrosis.
David Abejón (Madrid, Spain)
12:15 Navigational Computer Guidance in Lumbar MISS. 
Ramón Florensa (Barcelona, Spain)
12:30 Anatomy/Biomechanichs of SI Joint.
Bengt Sturesson (Sweden)
12:40 MASTERCLASS 13 Minimally Invasive Surgery for Sacroiliac Joint Fusion – Clinical Evidence of i-fuse Implants.
Bengt Sturesson (Sweden)
13:00 Lunch & Exhibition


14:05 MASTERCLASS 14 Surgical Treatment of Degenerative Scoliosis. 
Ferran Pellisé (Barcelona, Spain)
14:25 Guidelines for the Management of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis.
Marcello Meli (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
14:35 Interlaminar (Interspinous) Decompression: Indications and Outcomes.
Paulo Pereira (Porto, Portugal)
14:45 TLIF-ALIF: Indications and Limitations. 
Paulo Pereira (Porto, Portugal)
14:55 Endoscopic Spine Revision Surgery. 
Rudolf Morgenstern (Barcelona, Spain)
15:05 Surgery of Spondylolysis: The Smiley Face Technique
Norberto Ventura (Barcelona, Spain)
15:30 Instrumentation of Lumbar Spine in Complex Degenerative Pathology.
Carlos Villanueva (Barcelona, Spain)
15:40 MASTERCLASS 15 Treatment of Neuropathic Pain by Transforaminal Wireless Stimulation.
Laura Perryman (Miami, USA)
16:00 Burst a Gaudi approach to Neuromodulation
Tim Vancamp (Antwerp, Belgium)
16:15 MASTERCLASS 16 – Advances in Spinal Cord Stimulation. 
Adnan Al-Kaisy (London, UK)
16:45 Long-Term Outcomes of High Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation. 
Adnan Al-Kaisy (London, UK)

– See more at: http://www.wipiberica2014.org/programme.html#sthash.ZwALpAtz.dpuf


“Simultaneous Translation will be available in all sessions”
“Communications will be delivered indistinctly in English, Spanish or Catalan” – See more at: http://www.wipiberica2014.org/programme.html#sthash.ZwALpAtz.dpuf

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