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Some groundless myths or beliefs about the treatment of back pain

I have a slipped disc: I have to have an operation. This is not true. There are many slipped discs that do not produce any symptoms. The vast majority of slipped discs that produce painful symptoms do not require surgery; they can be treated with conservative methods or...

Some concepts about back pain and their explanation

Lumbago and low back pain are synonyms. They are not diagnoses, they simply mean “pain in the lower part of the back or lumbar region”. Sciatica is a widely used term, which may lead to confusion. It is used when the pain in the lumbar region spreads to… Ciática es u...

Back pain, acute or chronic?

Back pain is one of the most frequent causes of visiting the doctor, and one of the most common reasons for occupational incapacity and doing habitual activities. The frequency of back pain is so high that it is estimated that nearly 85% of the… Cuando hablamos de espalda...

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