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Improve your quality of life
Clínica Vertebra specializes in the treatment
of spinal diseases that manifest themselves with pain and incapacity.

Clínica Vertebra is a Founding Center of

Clínica Vertebra, Barcelona Spine & Pain Surgery Center, is a privately run health centre founded by Clínica del Dolor in Barcelona · 1987 ·
Its Center in Barcelona isaccredited   by the Generalitat de Catalunya as a Medical and Surgical Health Center devoted to the Research and Treatment of diseases of the Spine and Chronic Pain Syndromes. Its Ambulatory Surgery Units are equipped with the latest technological advances.
International pioneers in the Treatment of Pain as a health problem of prime importance and its relief as a fundamental human right.
From the beginning its activity has been characterized by its multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach, ensuring unique and comprehensive treatment for each patient.

Interview on the programme Singulars

Healthcare education about the spine

Ricardo Ruiz: “More health education about the spine is necessary” The treatment of pain associated with diseases of the spine, what is popularly known as “backache”, is the prime cause of healthcare expenditure, since 80% of the population has backache at some time in their lives. Doctor Ricardo Ruiz, neurosurgeon and medical director of the Clínica del Dolor in Barcelona, helps us to improve our knowledge of our spine and he tells us what the most recommendable types of physical activity are.








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